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WCMBR type Marine Membrane Sewage treatment Plant

Views: 11607/31/2023  

International Maritime Organization Convention on the Interaction of Maritime Environmental Protection Committees Adopted on 13 October 2006 by Resolution IMO.MEPC.159 (55). The resolution provides a new interpretation of the requirements for Marine sewage treatment in the light of Annex IV of the Marpol 73/78 International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships. All sewage treatment plants installed on ships or after 1 January 2010 shall comply with sewage discharge regulations. Details are as follows:

Our company has been one of the leading enterprises of domestic sewage treatment plants for decades. At present, our company has successfully developed a new generation of sequential film processing methods, and completed a series of type tests, salt water tests, slope tests and zero load tests organized by China Classification Society.

The plant collects the effluent in a buffer and cuts it into cutting cartridges, pumps its discharged effluent into a sequence tank for an integrated controlled treatment procedure of "fence - aeration - set - discharge - rest", extracts filtrable water through a permeable membrane for treatment and sterilises it with ozone, in compliance with the discharge standards set out in resolution 159(55).

Due to the adoption of MBR treatment technology, the sludge discharge period is extended, and the treated effluent can meet the requirements of "circulating water" and "zero discharge"

The device adopts cross mbr, which is more suitable for the workplace than the submerged mbrplc automatic control, convenient for maintenance and installation, matching with 2411 unmanned machinery room, and also suitable for concentrated sewage treatment of vacuum collection unit, membrane treatment is relatively low hydraulic load is better.