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    • Electric Supply Respirator With A Long Tube
Product Description

Electric Supply Air Respirator With a Long Tube

1)Professional supplier 
2)Can be used for 1-4 person 
3)Well- designed

 Mainly components: mask, belts, long tube, electric blower

 Main technical parameters:

 (1) Supply voltage: AC100V 50HZ (with AC220V~AC100V transformer) 

 (2)  Maximum revolution: 14000r.p.m.

(3) Maximum wind pressure: 1300mmH2O

 (4) Maximum air volume:270L/min

 (5) Maximum power dissipation:450W

 (6) Dimension: 469mm*180mm*158mm

 (7) Weight: 6.4kg

 Features and application:

 1) Mask(SV-1) wide field of vision, a double contact with the face with a comfortable, able to maintain a high degree of air tightness;

 2) The belt is equipped with air volume control valve, users can adjust the amount of wind;

 3) This kind of respirator built-in high-performance mechanical filters, even in place of dust site;

 4) One set can be supplied for four person;

 5) Equipped with a 5 speed transmission conversion gear, change gear according to the length of the tube and the number to adjust the air volume; 

 6) The air overflow design, the motor will not be burn, even one person used.

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