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    • Self-priming Breathing Apparatus With A Long Tube
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Self-priming Breathing Apparatus With A Long Tube

Used for the poisonous and harmful anaerobic environment in and rescue and maintenance work. Widely used in chemical industry, oil, ship repair paint, water, gas and laboratory, etc. Structure of self-suction gas supply the ventilator, the air source for the atmosphere of the atmospheric air. Mainly consists of three parts: the overall cover, breathing long tube, the intake stents, firefighters belt, air cleaner.

Self-priming function of long tube apparatus: Mask series self-priming long tube is self-priming long tube respirator is with human lung force suction filtered fresh air, to protect the safety of human respiratory protective equipment (10 meters long, 1 person use) inlet end must be placed in pollution-free environment. Since the long tube type suction a negative pressure air breathing apparatus is a kind of for individuals with used in respiratory protection equipment.


Self-priming Breathing Apparatus With A Long Tube:
1. Windows screen to eliminate the phenomenon of distortion deformation, and to do double-sided anti-fog and anti scratch treatment;
2. The cover body is made of silicone does not stimulate the skin and comfortable;
3. Delicate and beautiful appearance, especially fine workmanship;
4. The built-in efficient combined with exhalation valve microphone, more conducive to the protection of microphone, and improve overall safety helmet;
5. Imported anti-aging acid-base corrugated pipes, special wear-resisting, durable;
6. Don't need electricity, more economic, without time limit;

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